Coronavirus Cancellations Top This Week’s Internet News Roundup

The takeaway: This feels appropriate, somehow.

The Democratic Primaries Continue

What happened: As the coronavirus spreads, the US Democratic presidential primaries continue apace. Last week, a heretofore close race became less tight, even if it’s seemingly far from over.

What really happened: The never-ending Democratic presidential primary dragged on last week, following a Super Tuesday that saw Joe Biden jump into the front-runner position pretty handily, leading to Senator Elizabeth Warren and Michael Bloomberg dropping out, leaving things as a straight race between former vice president Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders. (Yes, Tulsi Gabbard is technically still running, but still.)

With momentum clearly on Biden’s side, Sanders started talking about Tuesday’s Michigan primary as the turning point, predicting victory in the state in a repeat of his 2016 performance against Hillary Clinton. It would be, he predicted, proof that his was a movement that was not only growing, but was the only option to defeat Donald Trump in November. So, how did that work out for Sanders? The answer is “not too well.”

The same thing happened in other states, with Biden winning big across all states voting, with the exception of Washington—where he split the delegates evenly with Sanders—and North Dakota, which Sanders won.

Overnight, a number of anti-Biden hashtags started to trend on Twitter.

Of course, not everyone is convinced when hashtags about US politics start trending when most of the country is asleep. (Look, it seems suspicious, but maybe the true leftist revolution comes from a bunch of insomniacs, OK?)

Even as things continued to appear to go Biden’s way, Sanders refused to step down, instead looking forward to tonight’s debate—although some believe that’s simply a feint to allow him to exit gracefully.

There’s a certain irony to Sanders supporters resisting calls for their candidate to drop out when they were doing the same to Warren a week prior. Opinions, nonetheless, were split as to whether Sanders was making the right choice.

For those wondering why Sanders’ campaign appears to be stalling, there were plenty of people trying to answer that question.

But, no matter what eventually happens in the primary campaign, Democrats will come together to vote for the nominee in November, right?

The takeaway: Meanwhile, in perhaps the clearest sign that Biden is the front-runner for the nomination yet, he started talking like he was giving a stump speech in the general election.

Alex Jones’ DWI Arrest

What happened: Meanwhile, InfoWars’ Alex Jones was arrested on a charge of driving while intoxicated. Turns out, the internet wasn’t too sympathetic.

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