How to Enable Dark Mode on All Your Apps and Devices

To enable dark mode in WhatsApp, go to Chats then Themes from the Settings page inside the app, where you’ll find a toggle switch. You can set the theme to light or dark, or tell WhatsApp to obey the setting passed down by the mobile OS.


As well as offering dark mode on Android as a whole, Google has also added it to Gmail for Android. Choose Settings then General settings from the app menu to find the Theme option, which gives you a list of three different modes to pick from.

Light and Dark are the light and dark modes respectively, as you might expect, while System default tells Gmail to switch between light and dark depending on how you’ve configured Android. As yet, Gmail for iOS doesn’t support dark mode.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is just like Gmail—there’s a dedicated dark mode switch in the Android app, but at the time of writing there’s no dark mode on the iOS app, and it won’t follow the iOS setting either.

From the Google Calendar Android app Settings page, pick General then Theme. As on Gmail, you can pick from a light or dark mode, or just tell Google Calendar to follow Android’s lead.


Twitter comes with a dark mode built in on both Android and iOS. Tap your avatar in the top left corner, then Settings and privacy, Display and sound, and Dark mode. The app can follow the settings of your device, or be forced into light or dark mode on iOS; on Android, you can have light mode, dark mode, or automatically switch based on the time of day.


On iOS, YouTube won’t follow the device’s light or dark setting, but you can change it in the app settings. Tap your avatar, then Settings, then Dark theme). On Android, YouTube does follow the system setting, and also lets you tweak it via General and Appearance on Settings. You can get there by tapping your avatar.


If you’re keen use of the dark mode for Instagram for Android and iOS, you’ll find it follows the lead of your device’s settings. As long as you’re running Android 10 or later, or iOS 13 or later, Instagram will match the OS settings outlined above.

Other apps

Those are some of the apps that currently support dark mode, but there are more. Fortunately, most dark mode-enabled apps simply copy whatever it is that Android or iOS are doing, and the list is likely to keep on growing.

Apps that currently support dark mode for Android, iOS, or both include Feedly, Reddit, Pocket Casts, the Amazon Kindle app, Evernote, Firefox, Opera, Outlook, Slack, Pinterest, Wikipedia, Pocket, Instapaper, and just about every app developed by Apple or Google.

If you haven’t tried dark mode yet, give it a shot. Your eyes—and battery—will thank you.

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