How To Make Money Online From Home: Constant Continuity Cash (Volume 1)

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Confusion in Internet Business Has Never Been Worse Here's How To Fix It: Internationally recognized, "Profit Maximizer", Dan J. Brown, shows you how to break down the barriers caused by the "Shiny Object Syndrome" invading every customer's mind today. Dan delivers an eye-opening look at the core of all business – consistent revenue, and teach you the secrets to getting it, keeping it, and using it to build competitive differentiation in your marketplace. You'll get the essential strategies required to build trust with potential clients, and in turn, attract both business and profits. Covers • 6 ways to create constant continuity cash that your clients love • The # 1 secret desire of today's continuity buyer • how to understand it, respond to it, and use it to transform your marketing • How to avoid and overcome the dumb mistakes we see people making all the time with a continuity program • How to keep prospects away from the avalanche of competitive and confusing information online • How to best use continuity revenue to change your life

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