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Startup Costs: $10,000 – $50,000
Part Time: Can be operated part-time.
Franchises Available?

Online Operation?


If you dream of being your own boss, ditching the 9-to-5 life and setting your own schedule, you aren’t alone. Uber and Lyft, the early pioneers of the ride-sharing economy, have attracted hundreds of thousands of drivers looking for the same lifestyle. The best part? You can turn on and off your availability through these networks with the simple click of a button, effectively allowing you to make money no matter what time of day or night it is.


How much money can you make?

“People who drive for Lyft make about $17 an hour, not including bonuses or tips, although the driver’s salary can range from $5 to $40 an hour, according to data from Glassdoor. The hourly income for people who drive for Uber isn’t available on Glassdoor, although the site said the national average salary is about $30,000 a year. Whether you drive for Lyft or Uber, your income can fluctuate, depending on where you work and your out-of-pocket costs.” —GOBankingRates

What kind of experience do you need to have?

“To be an Uber driver, you must have a valid background check from the police, a newer four-door car and pass an interview. This is equivalent to what is required of taxi drivers.” —Sverre Rørvik Nilsen, Business Insider

What’s the most important thing to know about this business?

“Unlike taxi drivers, drivers on UberX, Lyft and Sidecar’s platforms are considered independent contractors. According to the startups, their apps simply match up a contractor available for a job with a customer willing to pay for the service. Drivers are responsible for paying any on-the-job costs like gas and vehicle maintenance, and they don’t receive any benefits.” —Nellie Akalp, CEO of CorpNet.com, a legal-document-preparation filing service


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