The Best Weekend Deals: Headphones, Games, Laptops, and More

There’s nothing quite like being told you can’t be outside to make you want to be outside, but that’s a bad idea right now. Like many of you, we’ve been finding new ways to keep ourselves busy indoors, whether that’s taking up a new hobby like bread baking or just laying on the couch binge-watching all 22 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We’ve also been scouring the web for deals on products that might be extra helpful in this time of self-isolation, from headphones and games to home goods. And while you are keeping your distance from others, we encourage you to support your local businesses and check out any local aid organizations that might be taking donations of supplies for those who might not have them. Take care of each other.

For more ways to stay entertained and productive, this week we’ve looked at how to get free Kindle books with a library card, how to keep your social life alive at a distance, and how to teleconference like a pro.

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Headphones & Laptops

Photograph: Master and Dynamic

Check out our guides to the Best Wireless Headphones, Best Wirefree Earbuds, and Best Laptops for more recommendations.

Games & Accessories

Photograph: Microsoft 

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