Tina Fey and BTS Top This Week’s Internet News Roundup

Look at that, it’s already Sunday. Where did this whole week go? If it feels like it flew by, you’re probably not alone there. A lot happened. For starters, there was another Democratic debate and the United States was hit with its first “community spread” coronavirus case. Beyond that, Disney+ shipped its Love, Simon spinoff TV show off to Hulu, reportedly over concerns that it is too mature for the family-focused streaming service. (The author of the book on which Love, Simon is based says that’s maybe not as bad as it sounds, though.) Meanwhile, one writer revealed what it’s like to find out your ex is dating Lady Gaga. (Gaga also gave the Little Monsters a new single.) But all of that is just the beginning. Here’s everything else you may have missed online over the last seven days.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

What Happened: You might think that, with nine debates under their collective belt, the Democratic presidential hopefuls would have worked out how to handle that whole “arguing their points reasonably and thoughtfully, without embarrassing themselves” thing. Judging by last week’s effort, you’d be wrong.

What Really Happened: Believe it or not, the contest to be the Democratic nominee for president is still ongoing. (Also, get this: The election is still more than eight months away. Eight!) So, how are things going over there? Well, after three different primaries, the party held its tenth (tenth!) debate in South Carolina on Tuesday. Considering they’re this far into the election cycle, it would be easy to presume the candidates would have this whole thing down to a science by now. But is that presumption correct?

Well, that doesn’t sound like a good time at all, and complaints about the moderators went far beyond Twitter. That said, more than 15 million people watched, so clearly there was some appeal. Outside of the chaos of what happened on stage that night, what about the substance of what was being shouted?

As usual, pundits declared winners and losers, but by its utter absence, one topic seemed to have been a clear also-ran.

One of the final things the CBS News moderators asked the candidates for was their personal motto.

The Takeaway: At least one dog watching at home seemed to understand how a lot of viewers were feeling.

Coronavirus Update

What Happened: There’s good news on the coronavirus front, but unfortunately, judging by how well the US federal government’s response is going, it might just be good news for all those apocalypse preppers who’ve been quietly filling bunkers with food supplies and preparing for the downfall of civilization.

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