Kazakhstan continues monetary tightening – Central Banking

[ad_1] Citing swelling inflation, the monetary policy committee of Kazakhstan’s central bank raised the base rate by 25 b

Central bank communications ‘after’ Covid

[ad_1] The path from ordinary operations to crisis communications is not typically a long one. Running monetary and financi

Bank of Russia raises rates and inflation forecasts

[ad_1] Russia’s central bank raised its policy rate for the sixth time this year, warning it might raise rates agai

Podcast: Paul Fisher on the future of balance sheet policy

[ad_1] Central banks will need to think hard about the composition of their bala

Paraguay’s MPC hikes rates by 125 basis points

[ad_1] The Paraguayan central bank’s monetary policy committee ordered a 125 basis point increase in the policy rate, b

Turkish central bank cuts rates again as currency falls

[ad_1] The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey The monetary policy committee of Turkey’s

Forecaster surveys improve eurozone inflation modelling – ECB paper

[ad_1] The European Central Bank Using professional forecasters’ expectations improves the

ECB paper examines ‘euroised’ economies

[ad_1] A working paper published by the European Central Bank analyses the effects of eight European countries’ informal

Fed’s Bullard believes a ‘five-year window’ for AIT is ‘realistic’

[ad_1] “A five-year window” is “realistic” for the length of time that inflation should average out to 2% under an

Permanent or transitory? Officials wrestle with inflation uncertainty

[ad_1] Senior central bankers and other officials continue to wrestle with the challenge of understanding inflation dynamic