BoE officials admit inflationary spiral is a growing risk

[ad_1] Inflationary pressure is increasingly showing up in wage demands and firms’ pricing decisions, Bank of England off

The green agenda dilemma – Central Banking

[ad_1] Central banks face a dilemma. The energy price shock resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine is likely to per

Bernanke says Fed acted too slowly on inflation

[ad_1] Former US Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke offered rare criticism of the country’s central bank on May 16, sayin

BIS paper finds sovereign risk key to fiscal-monetary links

[ad_1] Sovereign risk plays a major role in the interactions between monetary and fiscal policy, research published by the

Peru’s central bank continues sharp monetary tightening

[ad_1] Central Reserve Bank of Peru Peru’s central bank board unanimously voted on May 12 t

Bank of Mexico hints at tougher measures as it raises rates

[ad_1] The Bank of Mexico continued its policy tightening, but it said it is willing to deploy tougher measures to bring in

Argentine central bank hikes rates as inflation reaches 30-year high

[ad_1] Central Bank of Argentina The Central Bank of Argentina’s (BCRA) board of dir

Social media ahead of traditional comms for central banks

[ad_1] Central banks communicate more via social media, such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, than th

HKMA defends currency on foreign exchange markets

[ad_1] The Hong Kong Monetary Authority stepped into foreign exchange markets today (May 12) for the first time since 2020,

Central banks use wide array of external comms channels

[ad_1] Central banks use a wide spectrum of print, broadcast and digital media to communicate with the wider public. The 3