Patterns of exchange rate pass-through are changing – RBI paper

[ad_1] The extent to which exchange rate fluctuations pass through to prices in emerging markets has changed since the fina

Bernanke offers ideas for Fed’s policy framework review

[ad_1] Using unconventional tools to increase policy space should be prioritised over raising the inflation target, former

BoE paper: simple communication can backfire

[ad_1] A new piece of the research from the Bank of England has stressed the need for complementing simpler communication w

Lagarde awards Schnabel key policy role in renewed ECB board

[ad_1] European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde has handed Isabel Schnabel a key role in monetary policy as part o

Higher oil prices dampened impact of Fed spillovers in Gulf – IMF paper

[ad_1] Higher oil prices can significantly dampen the spillover effects of US monetary policy on Gulf economies, a paper pu

Atlanta Fed research offers 17th century lessons for proposed standing repo facility

[ad_1] The Federal Reserve should pay “careful regard” to earlier experiences with implementing a standing repo facilit

New CBSL governor targets transmission mechanism

[ad_1] The newly installed governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka says improving the transmission of monetary policy wil

Bank of Thailand grapples with baht appreciation

[ad_1] The Bank of Thailand (BoT) remains concerned about the strength of the Thai baht, as the currency reached its stron

New York Fed launches longer-term liquidity fix

[ad_1] The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has told US monetary policy-makers it will be revising the interest paid on the

Phillips curve still explains eurozone inflation movements – research

[ad_1] The Phillips curve remains a valid model to explain the evolution of inflation in the eurozone, says research publis