Gadget Lab Podcast: Byte Video Sharing, and Motorola’s Razr Reboot

So far, to be honest, I don’t really like how it looks. I think it’s a little ugly and I think that’s sort of a theme with most folding phones at the moment. They’re all not really the prettiest. The Galaxy Z Flip, if that’s what it ends up looking like, that actually looks pretty good, but I’ll wait to see what that looks like. Outside of that, I think yeah, definitely, people are going to get the Razr because of that iconic brand name and because it looks the way it does.

LG: Julian also mentioned this upcoming Samsung phone, the rumored Samsung phone. We should note that we’ll be at that Samsung event on February 11th in San Francisco and we’ll have all kinds of coverage on, so be sure to check back in a couple of weeks. I don’t think it’s just going to be about folding phones, as rumored. I think that we’re going to see some other flagship phones, too.

MC: There will be a folding car.

LG: That’s right, probably folding TV set, you can just pick it up and carry it like a briefcase. You can go to your Super Bowl party with it, it’s going to be really cool. I guess Super Bowl will be over by then.

JC: Yeah, that’ll be a couple weeks late.

LG: It’s a great idea. Super Bowl 2021, okay? I do think that if they have a flip phone and they call it the Flip, they should call it the Flips. You know how Samsung uses S in their naming convention?

MC: Oh, yeah, yeah.

LG: They usually do the S. I guess it would be Galaxy S. If they do the Flip S, then it’s actually called the Flips. That’s a terrible idea.

MC: That’s… Yeah. Yeah.

LG: All right, Julian, stick around because we want to hear your recommendation for the week. We’re going to take a quick break and when we come back, we’re going to tell you what you should be watching, reading, eating, buying, everything you need to know. Also, we’re going to have probably more terrible jokes, or at least I will.


LG: Welcome back. Julian, give us your recommendation for the week.

JC: I discovered a Netflix show that apparently hasn’t been talked about too much. It’s called Giri/Haji. It’s a Netflix thriller. It’s about a Japanese cop searching for his brother in London. I haven’t finished it so far, I don’t want to give too much away, but the premise is that his brother killed the nephew of a Yakuza boss and he framed it as though the nephew was murdered by another Yakuza family. To prevent Tokyo from being eclipsed in an all-out Yakuza war, the cop is trying to find his brother and bring him back to Tokyo to face justice while also dealing with his own morality.

LG: How did you discover this one?

JC: I was just browsing Netflix because I was bored and I’m a fan of all things Japan-related, so it caught my eye.

LG: Cool. This is a series or a movie?

JC: This is a series.

LG: Ah, so you can binge-watch it. Nice. That’s a good one. Mike, what’s yours?

MC: I would like to recommend a gadget for your kitchen. It’s something that you should be particularly interested in if you cook a lot or if you do a lot of batch-cooking.

It’s a food saver, it’s a vacuum sealer. The brand is FoodSaver and they make these vacuum sealers where you put food into a bag. Then you put the end of the bag into the contraption, you press a button, it sucks all the air out, and then it seals it so you have a, surprise, vacuum-sealed, whatever, a piece of steak, a couple pieces of chicken, a bunch of asparagus. Then you can keep it in the fridge or you can throw it into the freezer, and it preserves it for longer than it would if you put it in like a Tupperware or just in a regular old Ziploc bag.

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