How your brand communication could be costing you leads

Effective communication and thoughtful design generates huge success for gaining new customers and improving retention rates

Have you ever wondered how brands grow as large and as well known as they do? From companies like Google to Starbucks, their names are known, and users know exactly what services and products they provide. Branding is how this happens, and it is no small feat. It takes time to cultivate a brand, to the point that a company has universal recognition like Gillette and Coca-Cola.

What’s the importance of branding?

What’s the most important thing about branding? Some may argue having a campaign that aligns with the business’ ethics while others say how effectively that campaign communicates with the consumer. While both are generally right, most companies have greater success when they focus on how well they communicate with their audience.

The goal for most marketing campaigns – and this includes branding – is to develop leads. Leads are prospective customers. It is your job to present the company in a way as to entice them to use your products or services. For most customers looking to try a new brand, they will look at several places online to uncover the truth about the company.

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If your leads know exactly what to expect from the brand – whether that’s the first sip of a freshly cracked can of Mountain Dew or the quality materials of a designer label like Michael Kors – they are more likely to trust the company in the future and become a loyal customer. But if a company is misleading or presents itself differently than reality, whether it be in marketing or product manufacturing, they lose that trust and probably lose a lot of customers.

Communication is essential in all areas of brand marketing. From creating social media post templates that are relatable to your company and niche to having your company logo designed that is identifiable your business. Branding is essential if you desire:

  • Long-term success.
  • Consistent revenue growth.
  • High rates of customer retention.
  • Increased brand loyalty.
  • The creation of a better first impression.

What does branding involve?

Now that you recognize the importance of branding, what do you need to create a good brand? That is a very good question, as design teams will look at the process differently. In general, most marketing professionals and graphic design teams agree that the following are essential aspects of effective branding:

  • Finding your brand’s voice (could be through copywriting or messaging).
  • Using a unique font and type style throughout all marketing projects.
  • Defining colors a consumer will relate to your brand.
  • Use of patterns, photography, and graphic design styles that align with the business.
  • Not forgetting the rules of design and the basics.

Biggest brand marketing mistakes companies can make

There are tonnes of things companies can do well to improve their success in branding their business. However, there are few notable errors that every company should be aware that it will hinder growth, create distrust with consumers, and contribute to slowing sales and decreased profits.

No set branding

The number one biggest mistake a company can make is not putting any emphasis on brand-building. Having faith that customers will simply understand your company and be able to relate to whatever you put out is a very bad standpoint to take.

Some of the best branding campaigns take months to conceive and even more to put into action.

It’s a slow process building a brand. For some, not getting instant results, makes them wonder why they even bother. But taking the time to consider what your brand’s voice is and what you want your customers to take away to be, is extremely critical.

Inconsistency across platforms

Next to not branding your company and using high-quality designing services, inconsistency across the platforms is a primary contributor to loss of trust with consumers. One of the best examples of differences as of recent has been Skype. Many use Skype as a reference for the variance because it was so blatantly bad.

Its app, social media, and website all used different logos, not reminiscent of its original logo we all know so well. This caused confusion for customers and left some wondering if they were even accessing the right company.

The confusion of consumers will decrease sales and have customers looking for a brand that’s more reliable. Conflicting branding across the platforms damages credibility and makes it nearly 30% harder to compete in a dominant niche.

It is certainly more than okay to rebrand. If you are a company that has been around for a while, now is a great time to redesign your site, logo, or add a useful app for your customers. Just remember, no matter what you do, maintain consistency throughout.

Ways to improve consistency

To build more trust and develop your brand, use these tips for presenting consistency across social media, websites, and anywhere else, your company is visible.

  • Use the same colour palette.
  • Remember to include the same logo.
  • A quality logo that can be resized.
  • Keep consistent images across all social media and website.

Using generic/ regurgitated content

No one wants to be spoon-fed content they have already seen or read a million times. It can be difficult to curate content. That’s no lie. But if you don’t have anything meaningful to put out or some type of relevant information your viewers will find useful, are you just wasting yours and their time?

When it comes to branding, you should be putting out customized content for your readers that relates to your industry. This helps connect the reader to your business. It will also cement what sector you are in.

For example, a clothing company that puts out blogs or social media posts about plumbing repairs isn’t going to find much success with that post, as they have no specialty in that area.

Instead, let’s take that same clothing company, and they put out an impressive style piece highlighting six new trends you have to try in the upcoming year that will generate a buzz.

Social media is an essential part of solidifying a brand presence and growing a company. Considering up to 90% of customers have tried to contact companies through social media, this that your brand has consistency throughout every platform.


One of the best reasons to focus on branding your business is to develop relationships and trust with your customers. The built trust will result in revenue increases. With a consistent brand across the board, businesses see, on average, 23% gains according to Brand Consistency Benchmark report.

Remember to consider the design of your website, social media presence, company logo, and any element a lead could see or interact with. Keeping these elements the same across the board is the key to converting more leads to paying customers.


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